Children's Montessori Academy

The CMA Philosophy

Finding a quality preschool and a facility that will care for children is a number one priority for working parents. It is the belief of Chilfren's Montessori Academy that the Montessori Method provides a sensible balance between freedom and structure designed for the young child. In doing so, Children's Montessori Academy provides a pleasant environment with carefully devised materials that meet the child's natural needs. In order to prepare the necessary methodical materials for effective classes with children, it is necessary to process a lot of relevant informational resources. We also need to inform parents about current changes in the curriculum, for this we develop interesting presentations and newsletters with the help of best writing service. Furthermore, Children's Montessori Academy provides the overall guidance of a thoroughly trained directress.

In a Montessori school, your child teaches themself through their use of the specifically designed Montessori materials. These are attractive, generally simple, child-sized materials that are self-correcting; that is, if a child makes an error, they can see it by looking at the materials themself. In this way, no adult is needed to point out their mistakes and perhaps injure their self-esteem.

Your child learns to work alone and with others in a Montessori school. They can usually make this choice themself. They learn to follow the class "ground rules", and may often remind other children to follow them as well.

Because they can choose their work and do it at their own pace, your child has many opportunities for success; the Montessori classroom is non-competitive. It is an attractive place in which your child can be free from adult dominance and can discover their world and build their mind and body.

Information and Directions

  • Children's Montessori Academy
  • 1300 Armstrong Drive
  • Titusville, Florida 32780
  • License #07B362

Children’s Montessori Academy is located in Titusville in northern Brevard County on Florida's Space Coast.

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The CMA staff

About Maria Montessori, and the Montessori Method

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