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Follow these steps to complete your quest:

Part I:

  1. Ask your teacher to use the classroom dictionary to look up the word healthy. Then, click on the word healthy.png in the Resources section of this WebQuest to learn more about being healthy.
  2. Read about what being healthy means.
  3. Talk with your partner about what you know about what the word healthy means.
  4. Write 3-5 sentences about what healthy means to you and your partner.

Part II:

  1. Go to the Resources section of this WebQuest and explore the links by clicking on them. The links will take you to other web pages that have games, music, and information about being healthy.
  2. After exploring the websites, make a list of 6-10 healthy habits a person should have in order to stay healthy.

Part III:

  1. Get a piece of poster board. Any color will do.
  2. You and your partner decide on at least 4 habits to tell about on your poster board.
  3. After deciding what habits to put on the poster board, decorate the poster board using different kinds of materials such as markers, colored pencils, paints, bright paper, magazine pictures, photos, and web images. You will need glue and scissors as well. Ask your teacher if you and your partner can display your finished poster board so the class can learn more about healthy habits.